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We love logos and their concepts. Here you find a professional space to inspire you.

THE POWER of a logo

Part of the visual identity of your company is the logo. This is built based on references, a good mood board developed with shapes, images, and keywords according to the vision or mission of the company. The qualities of the project or company contribute a large part to its creation. This is how we do it:


We review the current logo, or the ideas for the logo to be designed if it does not exist at the moment. We take references and keywords according to the values of the company or the project.

Drafting and Designing

We create proposals in the sketch, with color options defined by the values of the company and references of the service. We create a grid for better implementation.

Completion / Presentation

Once the proposal is approved, it is delivered and presented with respective applications to give the logo a real perspective. This completes our simple creation process.

CHOOSE your plan

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the price vary if I want more applications for the logo?

Yes. Adding a logo application, additional to the plan you choose, will have an additional cost provided by Vectorres.

Do I own the logo once the delivery process is finished?

Yes. Once the logo is delivered, it belongs to you completely. Vectorres may only use it as a reference to the work done in the portfolio.

How long does it take to make a logo?

Every design project is different. The sketching and proposal creation process can vary based on needs and complexity. We also agree with the client on the estimated time according to corrections or additional steps.

Are there discounts if I choose not to get a plan item?

No. Each package is unique, and the items described in each equal the total value of the plan.

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